Jose Cardona

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Your cheerful and diligent ally in the search for a San Francisco home! 

Loyal service, consistent communication, ceaseless optimism and careful attention to detail are the hallmarks of my practice as a Realtor.

I’ve lived here 20 years and I am an aficionado of everything San Francisco – its people, art, music, cuisine, sports and architecture.  When I’m not showing houses or spending quality time with my children, you’ll find me cooking, dancing or enjoying the Bay Area outdoors.

Where can I start, well when my husband and I started our home search we hit a lot of negative real state agents who expressed that we where not be able to find a home due to many financial circumstances my family and i face! When we connected with Jose Cardona he brought that hope and light at the end of the tunnel. He build a good agent and buyer relationship he knew what were looking for and also make us realize we had options. He went on and beyond our expectations. We went to many open houses he advocated for us and gave us recommendations and at the same time being realistic and still transmitted hope. When it was time to make an offer he will bring all his knowledge and expertise. We found our DREAM home. Accomplishing our American Dream for first time homebuyers and being a minority Jose did an outstanding job. Thank you Jose for all your support Hernandez-Avilez Family

– Ana Hernandez-Avilez

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